National 2015 Championships

Nashville Tennesse is it dates are November 5th - 8th 2015. The April 2013 National Licensee Meeting was the stage for many things including TAP Founder and CEO Loyd Schonter announcing the host location for TAP's 2015 National Championships featuring 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball events and Scotch Doubles. Players from around the United States and Canada will see as always, he finds another classy location for fun and family. Get ready Gaylord Resort TAP is coming to another part of the country. They are playing our song. See more on TAP Nationals.

National Championships 2014

Dallas Texas  November 13th -16th will be the dates and city for TAP's 2014 National Championships. History will be made here when TAP introduces two new events for our players to experience, at their TAP National Event.  TAP's 10 Ball and Scotch Doubles will hold its first National Tournament this week. Hosted by  The Hilton Anatole Dallas this event will surely be a trip to remember.  So grab your boots and saddles, "cause we're going for a ride". To keep yourself posted go to 2014 National Updates. . See more on TAP Nationals here.

2014 Dream Team Edison NJ Read More

The famous and historical 2014 "Dream Team / Singles Classic will be held at the New Jersey Convention Center, Edison New Jersey held in conjunction with Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo. What a time we had at this event.  It sells out early every year so send in your registration to secure your spot today. Dream Team 8-Ball / Dream Team 9-Ball and of course 8-Ball Singles are the formats offered at this event. If your not familiar with these, go to this link to view.  Like what you see?  Get your registration from this link and send it to the address provided.  Need some help finding a place to rest your head? Hotel info is provided here. Go to the TAP Facebook or TAP Blog for updates. The annual TAP National Meeting is held in conjunction to the start of this event. Make sure your local TAP Licensee is present to represent your back yard.  Read More.


My name is Rob Gorski, born and raised here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  I'm engaged to my beautiful fiancĂ© Lisa Christ, getting married in October 2014!  Pool has been my life since I picked up a pool cue 7 years ago.  I went from not knowing how to hold a cue to holding a cue and never putting it down. I spent some time living in a different state and I shot for 4 different leagues there, and loved shooting TAP the best.  So when I moved back to Pennsylvania I had mentioned to a few people that I really loved TAP but it was not available in my area. Things were not going well in a different league, and Mike "Turtle" Callanan and I felt we could run a better league! Our first choice was TAP, so we contacted Sam Rullo.  Before we knew it we were licensees.  The team we've put together with Lisa, Turtle and myself can't be stopped. We have the best format and the best league.  We here at TAP Bucks County want to thank everyone including Loyd, Sam, Chuck, Kristen and Celeste for giving us the opportunity to be licensees and represent the greatest pool league in the world!  We especially want to thank every player that shoots for TAP Bucks County for giving us a chance to prove that TAP is the best league.  Without you, we couldn't exist.  Thanks to everyone for making us a part of the TAP family!  TAP on!

TAP Bucks County
A Better Way To Play!

2013 National Winners

1st Place 8 Ball Elite Team FA Cues

1st Place 9 Ball Championship Team Balls Deep

1st Place Rally Dream Team No Chance

2nd Place 8 Ball Championship Team  Team 8

2nd Place 8 Ball Elite Team Honey Badgers

2nd Place 9 Ball Ship It 9

2nd Place Rally Championship Team Safety First
2 Singles 8 Ball 1st Place Dale Weishar
2 Singles 8 Ball 2nd Place Keely Renfro
3 Singles 8 Ball 1st Place Charity Golleher
3 Singles 8 Ball 2nd Place Bobbie Boles
4 Singles 1st Place Michael Hilland
4 Singles 2nd Place Andy Junak
5 Singles 1st Place Todd Lovejoy
5 Singles 2nd Place Walt Rugowski
6 Singles 1st Place Eugene Baker
6 Singles 2nd Place Tom Acciavatti
7 Singles 1st Place Shawn Fortin
7 Singles 2nd Place Roland Baker

2 3 Singles 9 Ball 1st Jenna Coffey

4 5 Singles 1st Place 9 Ball Troy Sowers

4 5 Singles 2nd Place 9 Ball Jerry Gardella

6 7 9 Ball Singles 2nd Elias Nassif

6 7 9 Ball Singles Lupe Rosas

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