Subject: Day One On Pool-Net Upgrade

Attention: Licensee
Subject: Day One On Pool-Net Upgrade

Last night the IT team started the upgrade on Pool-net you were notified in a email sent 3/7/2013. I'm sending this email to update you on the first day of the upgrade, we couldn't possibly of asked for a better transition.
  At midnight last night we started the upgrade and while the upgrade was being preformed we tested areas throughout the night and into the morning.
At this time I'm proud to announce that the upgrade that was originally scheduled to last into Sunday has been completed in less than 24 hours.

A transformation of this magnitude to be executed with the above details can only be performed by impeccable knowledge,engineering and patience. This should assure us all that our IT Team will always have you and our members high on their list of priorities. With that said I introduce to you the birth of "Godzilla" the engine that runs the best league system in the world,and it just got better.
  Congratulations To Us All
When you go into Pool-net today we suggest that you do the following:
   1. Clear Your Cookies In Your Browser
   2. Clear Your History In Your Browser
   3. Also note That All PDF's will be worked on to
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