With your support we have another sold out event. While we are working diligently to prepare a great event for you the player. We would like to direct you to some areas we have in place to help you along before the event. With the understanding your event staff's time needs to stay focused on the preparations. Also remember your "Event Coordinator" Kelly Nace will be working on all areas to prepare for the event, so if we can help you by providing  the areas below it helps Kelly get her job done faster and get's you what you need.

STEP # 1

  If you would like to see your Dream Team roster or Rally Singles Bracket just click here.You can also click on the image to the left to enlarge and see what the page looks like.
 STEP #2
Once you have done that click the Division drop down and pick the event you are looking for. You can click on the image to the left to see what the page looks like.

The "Online Help Desk is also helpful for questions you might have for the event. Just go to the National Website and we will be there to help you. You can click the image to the left to see what the page looks like. Also there is a red arrow showing where the Help Desk is.

  • You have a question regarding changing a player on your Dream Team Roster. Go to the            Online Help Desk noted above
  • You have a question on the Rally Single Bracket you are in. Go to the Online Help Desk          noted above.
  • You would like to see the floor plan of the event, click here
  • You would like to see a Schedule of the event click here
  • Would you like to see the event live click here

We hope this helps you out so you can enjoy this historical event. Remember most questions can be answered by using the Online Help Desk we have provided for you.
You can also get reach us at 800-984-7665


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