2013 National Championships

Chicago will be the city for TAP's 2013 National Championships being held October 31st - November 3rd TAP is proud to show another major city the talent that comes with this event that reaches across the United States and Canada

TAP's Champion players will enjoy yet another classy location hosted at the Pheasant Run Resort. In return we will show Chicago and Host Location, Pheasant Run Resort what we do best in representing the sport of billiards.

The National player and family will have much to do before and after completing their obligations to the event.  Based on these photos this will be another exciting visit. 

You might be asking "how do you win the opportunity to go to a National Championship Event"? Check it outAlso, see some history of our past National Championship Events. 

The National Championship Events are represented by
Eight Person Co-ed 8-Ball Teams, Singles 8-Ball 2-3 Handicap Bracket, Singles 8-Ball 4 Handicap Bracket, Singles 8-Ball 5 Handicap Bracket, Singles 8-Ball 6 Handicap Bracket, and Singles 8-Ball 7 Handicap Bracket.

Also, the eight Person Co-ed 9-Ball Teams, Singles 9-Ball 2-3 Handicap Bracket, Singles 9-Ball 4 & 5 Handicap Bracket and Singles 9-Ball 6 & 7 Handicap Bracket

Included is the Non Qualifier National Dream Team 8-Ball Event 

As Always a Welcome Party held the night before the event provided by TAP Corporate. Minis will be ran each night of event. Times of Minis are not yet determined.



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