July Licensee's Of The Month

TAP LLC, Corporate, would like to recognize as our July Licensee’s  of the month Kenny Romash, Ray McCormick and Bob Ross, let’s not forget Tammy Romash  she is a huge part of helping their Oklahoma TAP engine run smoothly.

These guys are so busy they could not even get in one place at the same time for a photo, hence their TAP Logo!

We also want to put a thank you out there to Yen Tran who while at a pool tournament in Shreveport, LA came across an article in a magazine about TAP and thought Bob should do something about it.  Bob not wanting a 2nd career (retired from ATT)  they talked about it for years, until Kenny and Ray happened along  and decided  they wanted to offer Oklahoma City an alternative to the existing leagues.  As Bob, Kenny and Ray did some investigation it was decided that TAP was the answer, and it appears they were right.

 The league was born boasting some 70 teams to start a summer session, now ending their first session  and ready to show Oklahoma City the league of the future TAP ON!  They all say “Hope to meet everyone at the nationals in Charleston S Carolina”!!!!!!

So from all of us at TAP Corporate Congratulations Oklahoma TAP……
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